Speedway Motors 1935-40 Ford Bolt-Together X-Member Assembly -

Speedway Motors makes it easy to strengthen the frame of your 1935-40 Ford, eliminate the torque tube, and install modern suspension and power brake components – all without plugging in a welder. The new Bolt-Together Center X-Member from Speedway Motors is engineered for true bolt-in installation on your original 1935-40 Ford frame, and will also fit Speedway’s new reproduction 1935-40 Ford frame rails. Built from strong 1.5-inch O.D., .95-inch wall tubing, this rugged X-member assembly features bolt-in boxing plates and a drop-out transmission mount to accommodate most modern transmission and engine combinations. It also includes an integral brake pedal mount that will accept popular GM-style brake boosters and master cylinders, making it simple to upgrade your car’s braking system. The Bolt-Together Center X-Member is the perfect complement to Speedway’s Bolt-On IFS Crossmember for 1935-40 Ford frames and will work well with Speedway’s forthcoming rear suspension kits for these popular fat-fendered cars. The Bolt-Together Center X-Member is part of an ever-expanding line of specialty street rod products from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®, where we’ve made rodding safe, fun and affordable for 60 years. Call today toll free at 800.979.0122 or visit us online atSpeedwayMotors.com