Speedway Motors Forged Steering Arms

Speedway Motors just made a great thing even better! Introducing new and improved versions of Speedway’s popular 1937-48 Forged Ford Steering Arms! Forged from high-quality steel – and also available in forged stainless steel – these bolt-on steering arms are designed to fit Speedway’s reproduction Ford spindles or to replace arms on original 1937-48 Ford spindles where additional clearance or drop is needed. Two styles of arms accommodate most early Ford-style street rod suspensions. The standard arms (PN 702-2754) have a 1¾-inch drop and are popular on Model T-through-’34 Fords with up to 4-inch dropped axles and hairpin or four-bar radius rods. The dropped arms (PN 702-2756) have a 3¾-inch drop and work best on 1935-48 Ford cars. Steel versions of both spindles are available with zinc-plated or brilliant chrome finishes. To give street rod builders the greatest amount of flexibility, all arms feature 7-degree tapered holes both top and bottom so tie rods can be mounted above or below. These holes can also be drilled out for using spherical rod ends. These 1937-48 Forged Ford Steering Arms are the latest in an ever-expanding line of specialty parts from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®, where we make rodding fun and affordable. Call today toll free at 1.800.979.0122 or visit us online at www.speedwaymotors.com.