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12 Cool Cars (and Car Shows) of Christmas

Over the course of each year, we receive fantastic amounts of amazing car show coverage, build articles and photos. To highlight some of the most exciting, and show our appreciation for the dedicated auto enthusiasts who send in their content to share with all of you, we're showcasing one event or build article a day in the latter part of this month.

In the spirit of the season, we'll be doing this for 12 days in total! So happy hot rodding holidays, readers, and we hope you enjoy these great articles and shows.  Be sure to check back here every day for a look back at some of our favorite moments!

Day One

Car Show: The Grand National Roadster Show 2018 -- Photos by Hal Scheie

The GNRS is always a highlight of the year, and since it's the big show that kicks off car season in Southern California, it seemed fitting to kick off day one of our celebration with a look back at this celebration of the "true" hot rod -- the roadster.  We have always receive tons of amazing GNRS coverage and this year's was no exception. Thanks to Hal Scheie for this particular collection.



Feature Vehicle: 1937 Ford Pickup Raspberry Delight -- Story and Photos by Gary Rosier

There's just something about a pickup...This one in particularly boasts a great story, and a gorgeous hue, captured by photographer Gary Rosier as he details the build behind owner Anthony Cilenti's vision.





Day Two

Car Show: Tattoos & Blues 2018 -- Photos by Dean Court

Dean Court shot this show in Santa Rosa, CA. It celebrates an earthier style of hot rod, while not sacrificing the attention to detail that makes the hobby so appealing. 




Feature Vehicle: 1966 Shelby Cobra Replica -- Story and Photos by Clive Branson

Clive's monthly Muscle Car Madness feature never disappoints as he takes us on a tour of some of the most iconic muscle cars ever made. This Cobra Replica is no exception.






Day Three

Car Show: 2018 New York International Auto Show -- Photos by "Big Al" Liebmann

The NYIAS is one of the premier shows for introducing new tech and new models to the world and photographer Big Al captured this year's event for our readers in a way only he can.





Feature Vehicle: Mid-Engined Bug Madness -- Story by Tommy Parry

This little Beetle that could is still a work in progress, but that progress is all about the autocross track.







Day Four

Car Show: 31st NSRA Southeast Street Rod Nationals -- Photos by David Huber

The NSRA never fails to deliver some of the best displays of hot rodding prowess in the country. David Huber grabbed photos of a number of this show's best machines for us to enjoy.





Feature Vehicle: Who You Gonna Call? Return of the Ecto-1 -- Story by Ellen Richardson

Ellen Richardson decided there was no better way to celebrate Halloween than to document the return of one of the most famous haunted movie vehicles – the Ecto-1.






Day Five

Car Show: Swiss Street Rod Club Outing -- Photos by Toni Stieger

At Hot Rod Hotline, we're lucky enough to receive car show coverage from all over the world. Photographer Toni Stieger sent in these great pictures from a cruise in Switzerland! The scenery and some of the vehicles are a little different from what we see here in the USA, but auto enthusiasts are the same everywhere, as you can see from the excellent condition of these cool cars.




Feature Vehicle: That's Mr. Chevy to You-- Story and Photos by John Gunnell

Van Heck was into drag racing. He drove a ’55 Chevy gasser, which he hauled on the back of a color-matched Chevy 4400 ramp truck that was nicely decked out and as sharp as the jacked Bel Air hardtop it carried around.




Day Six

Car Show: Back to the 50's Car Show -- Photos by Chadly Johnson

Often considered the USA's #1 car show, Back to the 50's is a full weekend of nostalgic music, vendors, fairs and, of course, amazing classic cars. 2018 marked the 45th anniversary of this peerless show, and photographer Chadly Johnson wouldn't have missed it for the world.




Feature Vehicle: Jim Lindsay's “Bob Duedall B/Comp Coupe” -- Story and Photos by Chadly Johnson

Jim Lindsay was still riding a bicycle when he was influenced by Bob Duedall's drag coupe, and both Bob and the coupe have always had a very special place in Jim's life. Fortunately for both Jim and the rest of us, he was able to locate and restore Bob's historical race car to its former glory for us all to enjoy.




Day Seven

Car Show: Hot Rod Boogie Car Show -- Photos by Butch Pate

The Hot Rod Boogie Car Show attracted quite a number of impressively flamed vehicles, which Chadly Johnson enthusiastically photographed. Held in Nashville, Tenn., it was an exciting and varied event which held something to entertain every show-goer.




Feature Vehicle: '32 Ford Truck is a Hot-Rodded Highway Hauler -- Story and Photos by Rocky Rotella

Each year, Street Rodder magazine hosts its Road Tour event, and 2018 marked its 23rd running. An official Road Tour vehicle is created for each year’s event, and event coordinator Jerry Dixey drives it across the country.

“We like to use products that are unique and new to the industry when building the official vehicle,” he explained. “Since last year’s Road Tour, United Pacific introduced its new ’32-34 Ford truck. Once we saw it, we recognized the chance to do something new for the official 2018 Road Tour vehicle."


Day Eight

Car Show: Goodguys Pleasanton -- Photos by Sam Flowers

Any Goodguys event is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, but this one stood out. Sam Flowers' photos illustrate just how many exceptional vehicles made their way to Pleasanton for the event. Lots of cars, beautiful grounds, vendors, swap meet and old friends - what more could you want for a weekend trip?




Feature Vehicle: Wet Paint: 1956 Chevy Pickup -- Story and Photos by Gary Rosier

It's always great to see a father/son project, especially one that has come together like this one. Pat and Sean's project was a 1956 "Task Force Series" Chevy.





Day Nine

Car Show: Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors -- Photos by Richie Jaeschke

The Fourth Annual Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors in Telluride, Colorado featured vintage and exotic vehicles of the concours level with the colorful mountain landscape. A peerless example of how much impact the surroundings have on the overall impression of a vehicle, every one of Richie Jaeschke's photos of the event is a feast for the eyes.



Feature Vehicle: A Bright Firebird from France -- Story and Photos by Tommy Parry

Roughly five years ago, Gil set off on a comprehensive refreshening of his ‘69 Firebird. His ambitions were greater than a simple refresh, however.






Day Ten

Car Show: Old Town Car Cruise -- Photos by Bob Lyman

Sometimes the most memorable events are the ones you'd least expect. Even the smallest cruise can provide surprises in the form of unexpectedly amazing cars or new friends. Bob Lyman, well aware of this, provides coverage of all sorts of shows, from massive national events to weekly cruise-ins. The Old Town Car Cruise is just one example of his work.




Feature Vehicle: Wayne Schreier’s Black Deuce Coupe -- Story and Photos by John Gunnell

Wayne Schreier’s all-black chopped-but-not-channeled Deuce coupe is a fixture at the Symco Hot Rod & Kustom Weekender in Symco, Wisconsin. He also owns a channeled-but-not-chopped orange ’32 Ford coupe which he drives when he's feeling... well, colorful, but the black one is perfect for those days he’s feeling a little more somber.



Day Eleven

Car Show: SEMA Show 2018 -- Photos by Judy & Wayne Newkirk

If you haven’t attendeda SEMA show, you should definitely make a great effort to do so. One of the best features of the 2018 show was Detroit Speed’s ‘TUX’ 1969 Camaro, which was crowned the winner of the 2018 SEMA Battle of the Builders Competition! Judy & Wayne Newkirk had a great time at this show, as they do every time they go to SEMA.



Feature Vehicle: Rex Marshall's Survivor '54 Corvette -- Story and Photos by Chadly Johnson

The stance, the patina, that damn red hood scoop! Man, this thing is something else. The story of the ‘54 you see before you began as a matter of luck and a little help from mother nature, after a heavy wind storm lifted a military tarp just enough to reveal a small portion of the hidden Corvette.




Day Twelve

Car Show: Roaring 20's Car Show -- Photos by Joe Lajoie

The Roaring 20's car show is a great opportunity to enjoy some neat retro rods in a fun atmosphere. You can almost feel the sunshine beaming out from Joe Lajoie's pictures of this awesome auto event!





Feature Vehicle: 1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery -- Story and Photos by Clive Branson

Observing the positive reaction from motorists on seeing John’s Chevy, it confirms a yearning for a nostalgic period of automotive history, and a continued love of cars that we embrace for their unique character and distinction. Each time he starts the car, it’s going to be another fun drive somewhere; there aren’t too many things in life that give you such satisfaction.