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1928-29 Hallock Windshield from O'Brien Truckers

Patterned after the original windshield made by Duke Hallock in the late 1930's for the 1928-29 Model A's, this windshield allows you to style your '28-29 Model A roadster or RPU after the Auburn Speedsters that influenced Mr. Hallock

Lightly-prepped two piece aluminum castings complete with rubber, machined glass channels and hardware:

- Six 1/8" stainless steel roll pins are provided to hold the two surfaced centers together. The six roll pins are driven in through the glass channel three per side crossing into the other half. When installed and finished properly you cannot tell it is two halves.

- Two 3/8-16 x 7/8" bolts for the outer ends

- Ten 1/4-20 Allen bolts to secure the window down to the cowl. Note: When installing do not over tighten, this will cause a pinch between the two halves. Window frame should just rest on the cowl before tightening.

- Ten 1/4" bonded sealing washers so when you wash your roadster you’re not getting leaky bolts dripping water under the dash.

- Two special glass rubbers, the final detail piece for the kit. This gives a factory look for the glass vs. a messy silicone seal.

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