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Buellton, CA – The Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club announces the 18th Annual Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame ‘GAS-UP’ will be held in Buellton California on Saturday April 28, 2012.  The Club is excited about the new Spring date which will kick-off the racing season and they expect an exceptional turn-out. The event begins at 9:00 am, includes a Santa Maria-style Barbeque lunch followed by the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concludes with raffle prizes until 5:00 pm. 

Land Speed and Dry Lakes racers, hot-rodders and other interested enthusiasts inclined to bench race with famous, and infamous racers are invited to attend this entertaining and memorable event.  Photos of past events, a list of Hall of Fame Members, (like Al Teague, Vic Edelbrock, Sr. & Jr., Ed Iskenderian, Art Arfons, Craig Breedlove, Wally Parks, Mickey Thompson, Alex Xydias, Ak Miller, Nick Arias, Jr., Don Vesco, Ab Jenkins, Paula Murphy, Gale Banks, Eddie Meyer and so many more) and further details are available at the official website  where a registration form may be printed out and mailed in.  Space has always been limited and veteran attendees know that pre-registration is highly recommended.  Tickets purchased by April 16th are $42, (a limited number will be available at the door for $55).

The 2012 inductees are: Historical Race Vehicle - Bob Herda’s Streamliner; Presently Running Race Vehicle - 911 Roadster; Motorcycle - Jamie Wagner’s Production M/C; People Who Have Contributed - Ron Armstrong, JoAnn Carlson, Ron Christensen, Bob Leggio, “Bonneville Butch” Reynolds, Monte Warnock; People from the Past – G. Thatcher Darwin, Athol Graham, Fritz Kott, Vicky Spring; Manufacturer – Justice Brothers, Inc.; Historian – Jon and Nancy Wennerberg,

The Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame began in 1992 as a one-time event of the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club to honor a few people thought to have made a difference in hot-rodding and dry lakes racing.  The party was such a success that the following year the first official “Gas-Up” event was held at club member Jack Mendenhall’s Petroleum Museum in Buellton, and evolved into this much-anticipated annual event.

Each year the GCR&R Club solicits votes from all 12 SCTA Clubs, current Hall of Fame members, the Bonneville and El Mirage 200 MPH Clubs, USFRA and ECTA to recognize and honor those outstanding individuals who have contributed significantly to the sport of land speed racing on the dry lake beds, past and present – car owners, drivers, builders, manufacturers, sponsors, event volunteers, and the media who preserve the history for everyone.  In addition, and of equal importance, is to honor outstanding vehicles that have been created by these talented people.