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2017 Carlisle Truck Nationals



Everything about the 2017 Carlisle Truck Nationals was perfect.  The weather, perfect (some of Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday)!  The trucks, perfect!  The big rigs, perfect!  The showfield laced with a century of truck history, perfect.  These reasons and many more are THE reasons why this year’s Carlisle Truck Nationals tallied a top-5 all-time turnout.  The event, which has been up and running since 1991 saw nearly 1,700 trucks, rigs and vans populating the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds.

Trucks began loading in as early as Wednesday, with even more plus a very dedicated vendor base coming to Carlisle Thursday.  As the gates opened Friday, it was a steady stream of trucks from sun up until mid-day Saturday.  The turnout was made even more impressive with an increased turnout of truck clubs.  Their involvement this year dramatically increased as word spread far and wide about the fun of the Carlisle Truck Nationals.

Three-day highlights included monster truck shows featuring Snakebite, Big Foot and rides from the Virginia Giant.  In addition, the world-champion Disc-Connected K9 Frisbee dog team offered eight shows to standing room only crowds, while just across the way, Speranza Animal Rescue offered an adoption program and accepted donations with support from Pepsi and the thousands of guests on-site.  In between, Phantom Entertainment erected their popular Phantom Fun Zone where guests of all ages jumped, hopped, climbed and slid!

As mentioned above, the turnout was near record-setting, meaning the showfield was laced with trucks spanning a century.  With celebrations dedicated to 100 years of Ford trucks, 100 years of the RAM/Dodge truck brand and a little bit of everything in between, the weekend offered something for everyone.

The four-wheeled trucks weren’t the only truck themed draws for guests as the big rigs took center stage too on the southeast corner of the grounds.  Hundreds of rigs, haulers, fleets and other heavy equipment (modern and classic) helped offering some unique fun throughout, including the always popular Saturday night glow show.

In all, the Carlisle Truck Nationals showed that truck passions run deep in central Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region.  All the truck fun and then some returns next year with the hopes of breaking the all-time truck show record of just over 2,100 trucks.  Save the date, because 2018’s weekend happens August 3-5.