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2018 NSRA Super Prizes Announced

The National Street Rod Association is pleased to announce the 2018 Super Prize Program. This year marks the Thirty-first time that the National Street Rod Association has offered this program. Identical prize packages with a value of sixty-six thousand, eight hundred sixty-seven dollars ($66,867.00) will be given at each National Street Rod Association event in 2018. Total value for all packages in 2018 will be six hundred sixty eight thousand, six hundred seventy dollars ($668,670.00).

The total value of prizes in the thirty-one years of the NSRA Super Prize Program now excedes twenty-eight million, one hundred ten thousand, three hundred twenty one dollars ($28,110,321.00).

You could be one of the lucky registered member participants to win a prize package from the 2018 NSRA Super Prize Program.

Visit for event applications and other information about the National Street Rod Association.