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41st Cruzin LSR

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41st Cruzin LSR041st Cruzin LSR141st Cruzin LSR241st Cruzin LSR341st Cruzin LSR441st Cruzin LSR541st Cruzin LSR641st Cruzin LSR741st Cruzin LSR841st Cruzin LSR941st Cruzin LSR1041st Cruzin LSR1141st Cruzin LSR1241st Cruzin LSR1341st Cruzin LSR1441st Cruzin LSR1541st Cruzin LSR1641st Cruzin LSR1741st Cruzin LSR1841st Cruzin LSR1941st Cruzin LSR2041st Cruzin LSR2141st Cruzin LSR22

41st Cruzin LSR

Louisville, KY
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Photos by: David Huber

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