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The Action Packed Las Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction

Story and Photos by Howie Zechner
After what seems like an eternity on April 28 the Mecum Motorcycle Auction is returning to Las Vegasfor a four day bidding war and entertainment fiesta. Moved to the Convention Center this year it’s amust see, must be event as this Sin City extravaganza features some the finest and rarest vintage/racer/stock and limited production motorcycles in the country.
Covered for television by NBC Sports the action is fast and furious as machines roll up to the stage andthe bidding starts. Sellers in person and on pre-registered electronic connections bid numbers that areoften in the hundreds of thousands. It makes one reflect on those treasures we junked before motorcyclesbecame so collectable.
Now don’t get the wrong idea cause there are bargains to be had. An Ivan Mauger JAWA Speedway racersold for less than two thousand dollars a couple of years ago. That is however the exception as most bikescommand a higher adoption fee but with a “No Reserve” price on many of them there are deals to be had.
Out of your budget, you just like to see bikes and have a good time in Vegas. Well you’re in luck my friendcause this event delivers. There are hundreds of motorcycles on the floor and your so close you can touchthem. Often their owners are near and more than willing to share the 911 about the what, when and where of their machine. As a motorcycle lover you can drift back to yesteryear with your first or the one that got away.
Then there’s the “Road Art”. Hundreds of vintage everything. Metal and neon signs, toys, clocks, furniture, bicycles, helmets, original manufacture parts and so much more. No crap, all top draw and lots of it. This area is also a time machine as you see things from when you were a kid and before.
Of course there’s the venders. Top notch with everything from original metal and paint art work to new motorcycles, accessories and parts. Can’t guarantee you that one of those venders has the 1920 Whatchamacallit 750 tank or seat but would be very surprised if they couldn’t direct you to someone who has.
                       Specialty products and service display - information booths are numerous
       Mert Lawwill’s company Merts Hands manufactures prosthetic limbs for disabled riders like Shane Cahill
What really makes the Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction stand out is the people. Sure there are dinners and banquets but this event is different. Here racers, sponsors and the public mingle as they wander the huge exhibit areas while being keep up on the bidding action from a multitude of giant video monitors that show the action. Of course the main bidding arena has comfortable seating right in from of the stage and television cameras.
Racers from National #1 to those that never won a heat love this event and make attending a yearly ritual. Friendships are rekindled and races are relived. It's one of the mysteries of time that competitors who use to be fierce rivals are now friends that laugh and celebrate their life and love.
Motorcycle collector and historian Bill Sherman
I suspect that with the May 1st Grand Opening of the “Hot Shoe, Hall of Fame” this year’s racer/fan/sponsor turnout will be bigger than ever. Just down from the Mecum Auction its sure to be a big draw as it will start right around the time the Mecum has closed on Saturday night.
Motorsports writer Howie Zechner with former Speedway U.S. Open Champion Gene Woods
Still not convinced to go. Well let's not forget this is Vegas. You know, the town that doesn’t sleep. Say yes, after all what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Enjoy, cause we only get one lap.