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Airbagit Hot Rod & Muscle Car Variety of Air Springs


Factory Suspension on Hotrods and Muscle Cars generally through 1957 all have the same suspension configuration. Mostly Coilsprings on the front, and leafsprings on the rear. 1958 to 1982 mostly have coils on all 4 corners. So one prices fits all. Specific brackets are available for most GM cars, while others use a Generic Bracket that must be modified to suit your vehicle. Even specific brackets must be modified to suit your needs. First determine your everyday ride-height which will be your personal setting. To go lower, the brackets must be shorter, but keep in mind, your factory Geometry will start to be stressed at anything over 3". This means you will have to have shorter control arms to compensate for balljoint angles and to be able to align. You cannot go a Lower Ride Height, but you can slam it at the drive-in. If you have factory Leafsprings, you must install a 4Link. PRICING: There are those of you that will be diehard and insist that the more you pay, the more you get, but I am here to dispell that idea, at least in Air Suspension. Our Competitor charges over twice the amount that we do, and we give you higher engineered product and always use the Largest Compressors, no toys like the Thomas or Viar that take forever to pmp up your airtank. So take your time, compare each component and I will show you the way as we go. Read: The Knowledge Base for more information

You start with our Basic Kit, which is not so basic at all. This is everything you need, but not maybe everything you want. So we offer an array of option UPGRADES to build your kit any way you want by adding Pre-Set Ride Controllers, Stainless Steel Chromed tanks, 2"Taller De Nominator-II bags, Air-Engine Manifold Pre-wired, Pre-plumbed Valving Systems, and Plug & Play. Kit as shown  $995

Visit a Competitor, compare, then come back, save big $$$ with us. We are a manufacturer selling direct to you, with no middle men to take a bite. You can choose any brackets for $995 kit below.

55-57 Chev Front . .58-64 Chev Rear . . 48-54 Chev Front . . Mustang Front . . 52-74 Ford/Merc Front . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Click Here" for complete Bracket Selection!

AIR SPRINGS/AIR BAGS The bags that come with the kit are the same specification as Ridetech's Air bags, but you can UPGRADE them to any of the bags at the right for $20 each. The most IMPORTANT thing you can do is MAKE ROOM for the largest diameter bag possible.The larger the bag, the less psi it takes to lift, so if you are engineering for a smooth ride, do not use a baby bag. De-Nominator-II's are 2" taller than Ridetechs bags.

Click on bags to find out the specs and diameters
Any bag $20 Upgrade Each
Order must be phoned for UPGRADE PRICING!

SPRING POCKET ELIMINATORS You use supplied bucket to trim spring pocket with a plasma cutter to allow you to slide it into place and weld. Your frame actually will be several times stronger than factory and you will not have to use any upper barrels, and you can adjust the height level before final welding. Buckets are mandatory on all big blocks, or anything that requires more than 120psi to lift. Also, by eliminating the upper barrels you can drop deeper than ever before. If you run #2500 bags on the front of a big block, it will rise very slow, if even at all.

Allows use of 8.5" bag/pair $99

SPINDLES Prices reduced to $129/pair for any size Mustang, Chevrolet, MoPar spindles in stock.

Hot Rod & Muscle Car Spindles


AIRBAG CONTROL ARMS All of our control arms are manufactured using state of the art CNC cutting, bending and forming processes with high strength steel plate and DOM Steel Tubing. We manufacture our ball joint mounts out of steel plate ranging from 0.375" to 0.500" thick and some control arms are made using CNC Turned steel ball joint cups. All of our tubular control arms are made using 1.0" dia. - 1.75" dia. x 0.120" - 0.188" wall DOM Steel Tubing that is precision bent, coped and Mig/Tig welded by the best welders in the industry
PLUG & PLAY is completely assembled. Absolutely no wiring to do except connect gauge wires. All plumbing,wiring is done for you. Comes with 100% dutycycle DC7500, and SPEED controls. If you have a mechanic install the Plug and Play, you will save over 16hours of install time, or aproximately $800 on your install. Just install bags, and run airlines. Your done... A Weather cover is available for $25. PLUG & PLAY and DeNominator-II bags are the two best UPGRADES you can buy. Air-Engine uses the same dependable Brass Valves plumbed into a Manifold Distribution Center with 100% compression fittings.

$300 Upgrade to $995 Kit $300
Order must be phoned for UPGRADE PRICING!


5 Pre-sets. One touch ride height, one button takes you back to programmed ride height, when you fire up, Adjust each wheel individually, Pancake up/down, Sensor Transducers, Auto Leak Detection, Advanced "Teach" technology, One wire to dash does it all. $650 UPGRADE for Plug & Play and SMARTRIDE. We will install and program it to your Plug & Play, or to your separately purchased Air-Engine

$650 Upgrade to $995 Kit $650
Order must be phoned for UPGRADE PRICING!

UPGRADE Liteduty weld-on . . . . . . .$199
UPGRADE Hvyduty weld-on . . . . . . $259
UPGRADE Parallel weld-on. . . . . . . .$399
UPGRADE Bolt-On Differential . . . . $399

All come with 4" C-Sections Standard
UPGRADE to 5-pc Bridge Notch . .. . ..

Order must be phoned for UPGRADE PRICING!

Stainless Steel Chromed UPGRADE tanks
UPGRADE from the standard black 3- Gallon tank to a non-rusting Stainless.

UPGADE to 3-Gallon Stainless . . . . .$25
UPGRADE to 5-Gallon Stainless . . . $55

Order must be phoned for UPGRADE PRICING!

UPGRADE Shock Relocater Kit with brackets
If your factory shocks are installed in the middle of your coilsprings, then you will need a shock relocater kit, or you simply are relocating your existing shocks.

$98 UPGRADE to $895 kit. . . . . . . .$98
$118 UPGRADE to Chrome . . . . .. $118


Like other successful companies, we started in our garage over 26 years ago. Ratical Tops was formed in 1987 and manufactured Convertible Tops for most every truck of the period. We still sell them today. We added suspension to our product line in 1992, and to better reflect our full line of products, we incorporated as AIM INDUSTRIES in 1992, which we still are know as today. In 1992, Chassis Tech was formed as we expanded our operations and purchased over $12,000,000 worth of CNC Machining equipment to build Spindles, Fabrication of raw metals. We purchased our building in 1997, which is 3 1/2 acres with over 100,000 square foot under roof. In 1994, AIM was the first company ever, to put all 4 wheels on air, which was featured at SEMA with our yellow Dodge Ram as the feature truck on SEMA advertising in 1995. Other companies saw what we were doing and followed suit. In 2002, we received a patent for engineering the first AirStrut to replace the original Mac Pherson strut.

 Toll-Free # : 800-842-8789