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American Collectors Insurance offers very competitively-priced coverage for modified cars (street rods, hot rods, rat rods, restomods, restorods and other customs). Along with affordable rates and superior service, customers enjoy a variety of program options, including:

American Collectors Insurance is the nation's leading provider of collector vehicle and collectibles insurance. We are proud to offer:

· Classic car insurance - Affordable, Agreed Value coverage for collector cars, trucks and motorcycles - any year may qualify. We also have competitive rates for modified cars (street rod, hot rod, rat rod, restomod, restorod and other customs).

· Collectibles insurance - Most standard homeowner's insurance policies are not up to the task of protecting collectibles. Provide all of the collections in your household with specialized, insurance.

· Towing and Labor for Collectors (TLC) Plan - An economical & robust emergency expense reimbursement plan, available exclusively to our policyholders!

· Collector Chronicles - Dedicated to all things collectible! View the fabulous winners of our "My Cool Ride" weekly contest, our collector newsletters, locators for club & hobby events nationwide, and much more

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While most of our customers come to us for protection for their collector cars, trucks, and hot rods, an increasing number of hobbyists are turning to American Collectors Insurance for coverage on all sorts of interesting collections.  We recently reached out to a few and thought we would share their unique passions with you!

It hasn’t hit 88 mph…yet!

There are movie stars and there are movie cars, but in a few cases, the star of a film IS a car.  James Bond’s Aston Martin and the VW Beetle in the Herbie the Love Bug series are just two examples from the past.  Here’s one from the future: a replica of the “time machine” Delorean featured in the “Back To The Future” film trilogy.  James C. of New Jersey recently had his Delorean converted to “Back To The Future” specs by Bob’s Prop Shop of Texas.  While the car had always turned heads, in its current iteration, it literally stops traffic.  James says, “It takes me a half an hour to get a cup of coffee because so many people stop to ask about the car.”  No word on whether the flux capacitor runs on caffeinated beverages yet.