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Arctic Arrow Crashes at Snodeo

Arctic Arrow Crashes at Snodeo


On his second attempt at the World Land Speed Record on ice during the Snodeo event at Bear Lake Resort in Manawa, Wis. last weekend, Kurt Anderson lost control of the Artic Arrow.

He went sideways and barrel-rolled at approximately 217 mph. The car hit a flag (doing no damage to the flag) and slid into the deep snow along the sides of the speed record course. Anderson survived the rollover and was able to return to the damaged rocket-powered car and talk to the Media.

Anderson said he was "bummed" by the failed attempt to break the record of 248 mph. He told reporters that the car had safety systems and the structural integrity to allow the driver to survive such emergencies. He guessed that the car would be a total loss, but promised to return to race again.

The photo above shows the vehicle starting on the run. Those in the gallery below show the front, rear and dented cockpit after the accident, as well as Anderson talking to the Media following the crash after being checked over by Manawa EMTs.