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Aussie Invaders Go-Fund-Me


Words: Avery Finnivan         Photos: Courtesy of Aussie Invader Facebook Page


Rosco McGlashan and the Aussie Invader team have spent about a decade designing and planning the Aussie Invader 5R, a land speed race car intended to break the sound barrier and hit a record-shattering speed of 1,000 mph in 20 seconds. Such an endeavor isn't cheap, of course, so the team petitioned the Australian government for a Research and Development grant. They received it, in the form of $200,000 from the Australian Tax Office.



Unfortunately, due to a botched application by an outside consultant, that grant was withdrawn as collateral damage in the ATO's otherwise admirable effort to stamp out tax rorting. Unable to repay the ATO, the Aussie Invader team are now facing the possibility of having to liquidate their assets, including McGlashan's company, Aussie Invader Pty Ltd, and even the car itself.

In hopes of preserving the revolutionary project, the team has started a campaign to raise the money via donations from fellow land speed racing enthusiasts and anyone else who would like to see this amazing car get its well-deserved chance to drive. Land speed teams from across the globe, including many of Aussie Invader's rivals, have extended their encouragement and support to the team. Aussie Invader's Go-Fund-Me page can be found at For updates on the campaign or on the project itself, visit the Aussie Invader Facebook page.