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Back to the 50s 2017 Celebrates 50 Years of the MSRA


The 44th Annual Back to the Fifties Weekend is happening this Friday - Sunday at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN and this year, the sponsors of the show are celebrating another big number -- 50 Years of the Minnesota Street Rodders Assocation.

The BTT50s weekend is one of the national highlights of car show season -- and one of's favorites as well. Unsurprisingly, the show was named Best Car Show by a USA Today Reader poll.  It's the combination of location (the MN State Fairgrounds are really gorgeous), scope (no cars made after 1963 allowed), and community (local car clubs from all over the midwest come for the weekend, setting up picnics and potlucks, sharing with those around them) that makes it so special.

Seeing the vintage vehicles lining the streets of the massive fairgrounds is a treat, but there's a sense of living history to the experience since all of the vehicles have to be driven on.  People have loved these cars, still love them, and many of them get driven on a regular basis. It's not simply a showcase for builders -- all chrome and steel and engines, but instead a chance for exhibitors and spectators to get together and share something they love, fostering new appreciation for old traditions, many of which (as hot rodding is want to do) also represent a celebration of the past.  

Back to the 50s isn't about being stuck in the past, but celebrating the memory of it, while also recognizing where we are today.  Many of these car clubs have been part of the fabric of the members' lives for decades, and the shared sense of community infuses the whole event.  The cars are the reason for the event, but they don't define it.

Want to know more? Check out this history of the show: History of Back to the Fifties, Part 1, History of Back to the Fifties Part II, History of Back to the Fifties Part III

This year, help the MSRA celebrate their Golden Anniversary along with the nearly 12,000 vehicles, the Swap Meet, Ladies Pavillion, Arts and Crafts showcase, vendor areas, and live music on Friday and Saturday nights. If you go, be sure to let us know!