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BASF Paint News - Hyundai Veloster BASF R-M Porsche Mint Green Paint Code

CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show) – Over in the Alpine Electronics booth we spotted this 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo featuring a BASF R-M Porsche Mint Green paint job.


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World Class Finishes

Glasurit is the world-class, premium automotive refinish paint system in BASF’s portfolio. With over 100 years of outstanding quality and exceptional appearance, Glasurit stands alone as the global standard of excellence in automotive refinish paint.


The industry leader in value and versatility

The R-M system is designed to serve the needs of the customer who is driven to find the ideal balance between quality and price; the customer who is determined to satisfy every car owner while optimizing material costs, process efficiencies and cycle times.


 LIMCO, BASF’s economical paint solution

With simplicity and affordability backed by a user-friendly system, Limco helps a wide range of refinishers stay productive and profitable


BASF Paint Recognized as an important and environmentally-conscious global partner in the Automotive Industry, BASF makes a wide range of products that appear in hundreds of automotive applications. From the chassis to the engine; from interiors to exteriors; BASF helps make the vehicle shine.

As the automotive industry’s standards for suppliers continue to rise, BASF regularly brings innovative, value-added solutions that enable our customers to meet requirements for performance, cost efficiency, quality and safety.