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B&M Racing & Performance :: Automatic Shifter Accessories

New B&M SFI Approved Flexplates :: Superior Performance, Exceptional Engineering, and Uncompromising Quality

B&M offers two types of SFI 29.1 spec flexplates. The standard SFI flexplates available for Chevrolet, Chrysler and some Ford applications are ideal for street and racing applications.

SFI spec 29.1 approved, NHRA & IHRA legal for all classes (Chevrolet & Chrysler)
SFI certification sticker included (re certification required every 3 yrs).
Ideal for street applications to extreme duty racing and high (above 6,000) RPM use



ABOUT US: B&M...A Company Of Firsts
As performance enthusiasts today, most people are accustomed to having access to whatever performance parts they need for their vehicle readily available at their local dealer. It usually never crosses anyone's mind who invented these products? Who was the first to identify the need, then develop and manufacture that product?   Since the very early 1950s, B&M has been at the vanguard of the growing automotive aftermarket. Racers themselves, B&M’s founders identified the needs of local racers and street performance enthusiasts, and developed products to fill those needs. As the industry grew so did B&M. And as racers went faster, B&M developed products to help them break the records they just set.   Keep looking to B&M to continue to be amongst the very first to identify vehicle needs in the global automotive aftermarket, supplying enthusiasts and racers what they need....Performance!

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