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Boyd Coddington's Garage - Show Prep Auto Shampoo

Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo is a premium citrus based auto shampoo designed to cleanse your paintwork and leave behind a brilliant shine. Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo contains a fresh citrus scent and is 100% surface friendly. The innovative hyper-wash utilizes the natural cleaning power of citrus to break down heavy dirt, debris, and road grime. Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo is formulated with unique gloss enhancers to create a vibrant shine to any colored paintwork. Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo is super slick to provide the perfect washing experience. The citrus-based formula allows the natural citrus cleaners to lift dirt and road grime from the surface for a scratch free auto wash. Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo is great for professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts searching for a high performance auto shampoo. Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo works great on all paint colors to deliver that perfect shine. Boyd’s Show Prep™ Auto Shampoo is widely regarded as the ultimate auto shampoo and is used by professional detailers, car collectors, classic car enthusiasts, and owners of modern cars.

  • Superior citrus-based wash
  • Streak free shine
  • Unique lustering agents leave a vibrant shine
  • 100% surface friendly
  • Paintwork shampoo and gloss enhancer in one
Price $7.99
Part Number BCG102
Size 16 oz.
Top Flip Cap
Dilution 1oz. to 4-5 gallons of water
Scent Lemon
Color Yes
Gloss Enhancer Yes
Foam Super high
Wax/sealant safe Yes
Works in foam gun Yes
Safe for Light Colors Yes
Safe for Dark Colors Yes

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