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Brad Oxley Seriously Injured in Baja Motorcycle Accident

By Howard Zechner

A motorcycle ride not far from his dads house in Punta Chivato, Mexico turned into a life or death struggle after Brad Oxley collided with a deer that suddenly darted out in front of him. Violent, knocked unconscious, it took a few before the former two time Speedway National Champion regained his senses. Trying to get up Brad knew he was in serious trouble. Miles from home and by himself in the middle of the desert with broken ribs, major swelling, pai beyond belief and who knows what else. Surviving would be a challenge.

A young Brad Oxley on the line with Jan Ballard at Costa Mesa Speedway (photo Scott Daloisio)

It wasn’t supposed to be like this; Their Baja trip to the Oxley home in Punta Chivato Mexico was to help dad Harry Oxley who is recovering from a coronavirus in infection. Taking the bike was an afterthought, in case some spare time could be found to shred some Baja dirt. Funny how the world turns upside down in a heartbeat.

The Godfather of American Speedway Harry Oxley with Rick Miller, Brad Oxley, Howie Zechner

After the collision Brad was unable to properly stand so with his hands he dug a hole for the bikes tires to set in. He never could have kick started the machine but luckily the Honda Brad was riding has an electric starter. Pulling himself up he hit the start button the bike fired. Brad held on and at a slow crawl made it to a friend’s house twenty miles away.

The electric start Honda 450L saved my life Brad Oxley stated

Friend Phil and Jaleen could see Brad’s condition was critical. Taking off his helmet and jersey the bruising was obvious, the internal injuries, not so much. To make matters worse Brad could not speak. Communication was transferred to pointing and moans. Jaleen called her sons Ian Young and Colton Udall for help.

Jaleen Oxley cut the jersey right off of Brad

Both cooperate airplane pilots Ian Young and Colton Udall are no strangers to Baja. Both brothers have won multiple wins in the Score Baja motorcycle class. Colton Udall is a 5-time #1 Champion. On numerous trips dad Brad has accompanied them both in their Baja Off Road adventures.

Brad Oxley in Baja with his boys Ian Young and Colton Udall

The boys called family friend and fellow pilot Mike Pattison. His boss Jim Puttman overheard the phone conversation and instructed Mike to fly his Power Grade Inc company Citation jet to Mexico and bring Brad home to California ASAP Now this is Mexico folks. No streetlights, roads that are marginal, when dark comes you go nowhere.

In Baja with no medicine or doctors Jaleen did her best to make Brad comfortable 

So the plan was to pick Brad up at Loretto airport approximately two and a half hours from Punta Chivato. Brad would leave at daylight but the first 12 miles from Phil’s house is more trail than road. It would be a struggle to get Brad to Loretto airport by Sunday afternoon.The flight back went as planned and Ian Young met the plane when it landed in Carlsbad California at 9:30pm.

With patient Brad Oxley aboard Mike Pattison pilots the Lear Jet back to California

Hospital, no way, Superman Brad wanted to go home. A good night’s sleep and a friendly hello from his dog and things would return to normal. Not, the next day pain and good common sense prevailed and Jaleen drove Brad to Mission Hills Hospital in Mission Viejo. A major Trauma center, doctors took one look at Brad and immediately wheeled him into the operating room.  Going through his groin they inserted a stent into his ruptured aorta. Brad could easily have bleed out if we had not immediately done surgery on him the doctors said. There is no doubt that he would have died if they had driven instead of flying back they relayed. In a very emotional conversation the Brad credits his boys quick action of arranging a plane with saving his life.

Brad Oxley cheated death serval times

The following day (Tuesday) a team of five doctors addressed the concussion, right lung collapse and ten broken ribs. Six in the back and four in the front, plates and screws now hold them all together. Then there was the fracture that extended from his tail bone to the first vertebra. Brad remained in ICU for five days and then spent almost two more days in a step down ward. Had it not been for this current coronavirus situation they would have kept him for an additional week.

No maybe, I’ll be back up good as new a broken Brad relayed

When will Brad Oxley’s life be back to normal. Well that’s a hard one. Beside this current crises the Fair Board has informed Brad that they will not allow any events in Costa Mesa fairgrounds for the foreseeable future. They do plan on holding the Orange County Fair but attendance will be cut to 30% and nothing will be held in the arena.

International Speedway - Costa Mesa promoters Jaleen and Brad Oxley

International Speedway still has hopes to hold some events in September or October of this year but cannot make any commitments till the State gives the OK for the Fairgrounds to open again.

It's been hard Brad told me. But the bright spot has been the many who have sent me their love and get well wishes. I never realized the amount of friends I have and it’s made me appreciate how fortunate I am to get this love from so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

No Speedway promoting in 2020 and theses medical/doctor bills will be the major challenge for the Costa Mesa promoter. Brad’s health insurance ran out six days before the accident. A cost cutting choice the Oxley’s have had a difficult time making ends meet. They desperately need help.

A gofundme “Recover Fund” page has been set up at

If you can contribute please do so. Send get well message to Brad via Jaleen Oxley on Facebook