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A Car Guy Story from The Busted Knuckle Garage

I love a "small world" story. A guy calls in the other day to buy a BKG shop stool....

When I get his name I say, you wouldn't by chance be the Dan Fico who owned a '67 Black 442 Oldsmobile in high school back in my hometown of Rochester, NY?  Dead silence. I ask, do you have a brother named Louie who paints cars? Dead silence. I said if you're the same Dan, I went to high school with you and your brother painted my '58 BelAir (pictured above from 1974).

The guy then says; "you got to be (&^&%^##%) kiddin' me!" Anyways, yea...same Dan Fico 38 years later. Ain't car guy life grand?

Dan works at Dodge dealership in Upstate New York (No more Oldsmobiles, right?) and brother Louie is still painting cars.

Enjoy the ride!


Warren G. Tracy
Owner / Founder
The Busted Knuckle Garage

Yours Truly with a little Photo Shop Magic
Ready to wipe the windshield & check the oil.

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