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California Wildfire Claims 1 of 1 1948 Norman Timbs Special

The Woolsey Fire has been wreaking havoc to Southern California over the past week. Starting in the vast San Fernando Valley and creeping into the Malibu coastline it has claimed several homes and establishments. The vast amount of damage cannot even be assessed yet with the fire still at just 47%. Malibu is home to million dollar estates one of which contained an impressive car collection. However, this was no ordinary car collection with a few 911s, Ferraris, and Shelby's this particular collection included  1-of-1, Concours-winning 1948 Norman Timbs Special.

"I’m really excited about this car," Cerveny told Old Cars Weekly in a 2010 feature on its restoration. "I like European art-deco designs, and now that the car is completed, I’m even more interested in it, and I have no plans to sell it. My wife Diane is unbelievably excited about it, too. It’s going to be the centerpiece of our collection."

The vehicles in Cerveny's Malibu collection aside from the Timbs Special were quite eclectic. Ranging from a 1997 Dodge Viper to a 1950 Chrysler Woodie Wagon to a 1-of-26 1953 Hudson Italia. The story behind the Norman Timbs special starts Timb's an Indy 500 winning engineer, wanting to create a rear-engined gorgeous piece of fast art. Timbs essentially invested an insane amount of money to get his vision off the ground and what it became was a masterpiece. 


Although the Timbs Special may be gone in its physical form, it will always be remembered in history.