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   Over the years we have known many of the people who were busy “way back when”..... creating (while they worked) what would become our hobby of Rodding ! It’s always great to see those who have contributed so much to our hobby......

jack and ford1

Jack had a chance to talk with Edsel Ford at the Deuce Dinner.  Jack grew up in the small Maine town where Edsel spent his summers as a boy.

jack scritchfield

Jack and Dick Scritchfield at the Deuce Dinner.


Chip Foose stopped by the Hotrodhotline booth before the Boise Roadster Show opened to the public. 


It’s always great to see our friend George Barris

jack wally parks

Here’s Jack with Alex Xydias, Jim Clark , and Wally Parks .... what a group !  This was taken at the Dinner for the Anniversary of the Deuce.


We saw Charlie Hutton at the SEMA show and had a chance to talk about Charlies plans for the future.


Jack and Big Daddy


Here’s Duane of American Hot Rod fame visiting our booth in Louisville one year .... 


Sam Memmelo “Shadetree Mechanic” is always good for a good laugh.... we had a great time yakking at Louisville !


Jack has known Gene Winfield for many years.. he often stopped by Gene’s shop in Canoga Park so it’s always nice to run into him at a show.


Charlie Hutton was at the Boise Roadster show with Chip and stopped by our booth to meet the crew ! Charlie is from Boise .... he’s our hometown hotrod hero !

We feel fortunate to count Jim Clark as one of our good friends... Jim was the first editor of Streetrodder Magazine and now operates Tex Smith’s Hot Rod Library and we always enjoy getting together with Jim and Freda at a show..


Here’s Jack with Shig of Mooneyes as he gets ready to go down the track at the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield..... 

george barris sign

There’s the crew from the Shark ATTAKK with George Barris holding the Hotrodhotline sign !

larry watson
george barris at dick deans

Had a chance to chat with George Barris at Dick Deans retirement part ...

Larry Watson was one of the pioneers of paint from So. California... it was good to see him again at Dick Deans retirement party...

dick dean group 3

Here’s we have the rogues gallery of KOOL !. Dick Dean, George Barris, Carol Erickson, Larry Watson, Big Daddy Roths son, Rich & Penny Pichette and “Bones” Jim Nootboom and our own Jack Lawford.

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