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Concept One Pulley Systems Introduces Victory Series HD Pulley System



Concept One Pulley Systems introduces a brand new Victory Series HD Pulley System. The new system is a heavy-duty 8-rib pulley kit with 33% more grip than a standard 6-rib kit. The Victory Series HD Pulley System features heavy-duty tensioner, extra bracketing and is engineered for 500+ horsepower LS street engines.

This new product is available immediately by calling 877-337-0688 and will soon be available on the website,, as well. As with all of Concept One’s pulley systems, it is available in one of four finishes: machine, polished, anodized black or anodized clear.

“The Victory Series HD Pulley System is the next level in serpentine pulley systems,” said Kevin Redd, Concept One co-owner. “It’s bigger, it’s stronger and like wide tires, it’s just cool!”

Concept One is a product line of Redd Machining and Manufacturing, Inc. founded by Kevin and Randy Redd in 1996. The first Concept One complete pulley system was introduced in 2001. Concept One’s goal is to provide easy to install pulley systems that improve drivability and look great at a competitive price. They use only top quality materials machined to exacting tolerances and components from such companies as Continental®, Edelbrock®, Delphi® and Powermaster®. Superior customer service and technical support continue to be their priority.

Concept One Car Pulley Systems.  When working on your engine you are presented with a number of options to make things work according to your needs and specifications. Having high performance pulley systems in place is crucial to improving power and maximizing efficiency. At Concept One we have the right product for any need you may have. If you're rebuilding, upgrading, doing maintenance, seeking better performance or just trying to make the proper decision, we are the company you can turn to for guaranteed satisfaction. Our pulley systems are built in an a way to help minimize stress during installation


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