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Congratulations to the 2013 America's Most Beautiful Roadster Winner

And the Winner is... John Mumford's 1927 Track Nose Ford Roadster  "Kelly Brown"
Built by Roy Brizio Street Rods

Congratulations to John Mumford and to Roy Brizio Street Rods. What an amazing job on this traditional stunner.

V8-60/Ardun Heads
Upholstery by Sid Chavers
Halibrad Rear

Chrome work by Sherm's Custom Plating
Rich burgundy paintDarryl Hollenbeck’s Vintage Color Studio
Firestone Tires


Closing Text: 

The field for the AMBR Award was fantastic; there were some beautiful roadsters in contention. Congratulations to all and a big THANK YOU to John Buck for a job well done.