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1967-70 Mustang Strut Suspension Kit

1967-70 Mustang Strut Suspension Kit: These very popular cars suffer from the malady common to most 60’s cars…poor geometry due to the minimal demands of the tires and traffic of their day. Today’s roads and superior tire traction require updates to make these cars work as well as they look. By installing a strut type suspension based on 94-04 Mustang parts, you’ll eliminate the factory bumpsteer while gaining an adjustable ride height with either coilovers or Airride, along with 5 lug disc brakes (15” or larger wheels are required). The original column can be modified to accept a lower U joint, or an aftermarket tilt column installed to simplify the job. A recent upgrade to this proven kit includes the use of a newer OEM Ford rack & pinion with larger tie rods, and a different U joint connection that allows much more room for headers. That rear steer power rack allows standard oil pans for this chassis to be used. TIG welded tubular steel lower control arms eliminate the strut rods, and attach to a new K-member plate. That plate bolts to the original lower control arm mounts and reinforces the body, avoiding the problems associated with welding a MII crossmember into the weak stock subrails. Since the McPherson Strut Suspension eliminates the upper control arms, you can choose to trim the fender wells for header clearance, or leave them stock. Better stance, better handling, better brakes…this bolt in swap will let your Mustang run in the fast lane! Call or write Fatman’s at (704) 545-0369, 8621-C Fairview Rd, Hwy 218, Charlotte, NC 28227-7619