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2011 Pace-American 28' Black Race Car Trailer November 17, 2011

2011 Pace-American 28' Black Race Car Trailer November 17, 2011

Attached are photos of the suspects vehicle, who two months earlier, were seen casing the neighborhood....

The suspects are two black males, 35-40 years of age, short hair, dark skin, and the truck leaks quite a bit of oil.

Oil samples were obtained in hopes of matching the oil from the suspects truck. Notice the similarity of my 2011 GMC Crew Cab Dually 4x4, and the suspects Chevrolet Crew Cab Dually....

The theft occurred early this morning, between the hours of 12:09 am and 5:45 am Theft location: Trailer was parked, on the South side of 12th. Street, between 4th. Street and Westchester Place; wheels were double chocked, a hitch-ball lock was attached, and a double 3/8" steel chains were wrapped around the ball lock, with two Brinks Pad Locks.

The last time I saw trailer was at 11/17/11 at approximately 12:09 am, when All City Tow moved it to where it was parked.

This morning, about 6:00 am, I opened my house up to the 20th. Century Fox employees, who are filming "American Horror Story" at my home for the next 7 years, and looked across the street, to see my trailer was missing.

I notified the LAPD, and soon after, Officer Perez (#38206-Incident # 1169) came by the house to investigate. I didn't have the trailer info on hand, but he gave me his card, and asked that I contact your office as soon as I returned from my penthouse with the documentation.

Everything I stated herein, is what I have, so I hope it will help in the apprehension of the criminals whole stole my trailer.

I am now out of pocket $35,000.00 due to this theft, plus $8,000.00 damage done to my new 2011 GMC Denali Crew Cab Dually 4x4..... :(