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4 More Vehicles to Introduce from Performance West Group Inc.


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Performance West Group is an organization that serves both the OEM and Aftermarket Automotive Industry in a variety of capacities. In a year round schedule of nation wide public appearances thousands of enthusiasts and industry professionals are able to view Performance West Group Image Vehicles.


Dodge Magnum Force
Dateline: November 3, 2004


Las Vegas, Nevada – The Dodge Magnum Force by Performance West Group was chosen by DaimlerChrysler for the coveted Design Excellence Award at the 2004 SEMA Show. The award was presented by Dennis Mylers, Senior Manager of the Dodge Truck Studio.

The 2005 Dodge Magnum Force is the red hot new sport wagon created by Performance West Group. Drawing inspiration from its race bred relative, the Viper GTS/R Concept, the Magnum Force features a dramatic restyling package by RK Sport that matches heart stopping good looks with heart pounding performance.

The excitement begins the minute you spin the ignition key an awaken the Kenne Bell enhanced 16 plug HEMI engine. Singing its siren song through a low restriction custom dual exhaust by Doug’s Headers, the Magnum Force balances tire smoking power with a tuned suspension engineered by Hotchkis Performance. Insuring fade free stops from high speed are Stainless Steel Brakes Tri Power billet calipers mated with 12.5” slotted and ventilated rotors. Rolling stock consists of Oasis 22” modular forged wheels matched with Dunlop SP Sport 9000 ultra performance tires.
The Viper themed exterior is smothered in dazzling Viper Red Glasurit 55 Line by BASF, accented with silver LeMans stripes artfully applied by Mike Face. Inside, the race inspired cockpit features a Hurst Shifter for precise shifting of the five speed transmission, a Katzkin custom leather and suede interior, 4 point harnesses by Summit, carbon fiber trim accents by Woodview and monogrammed carpet mats by designer Mat. And, just in case you follow the stars at night as you speed down the Mulsanne Straight, there is a totally unobstructed view thanks to an Inalfa Panorama Moonroof that measures nearly 3x3’.
Add it all up and you’ve got the Dodge Magnum Force, the street lethal sport wagon. Armed with nothing less than a ground pounding Hemi engine, it’s complemented by a chassis with just the right mix of components to harness its power. The Magnum Force looks like a wolf in wolfs clothing, because it is. This is one vehicle that speaks loudly and carries a big stick. Mess with the Magnum Force at you own risk.



2005 Mustang GT/R-CODE
Dateline: December 29, 2004

Mustang   San Diego, California – The Mustang GT/R-Code by Performance West Group was on display at the 2004 San Diego International Automobile Show From December 29th thru January 2nd at the San Diego Convention Center. Available for viewing throughout the entire duration of the show, the GT/R-CODE was featured in the Ford Exhibit.
The Mustang GT/R-CODE is based on the new 2005 Mustang GT, and symbolizes the renaissance of styling and performance that are hallmarks of the original Mustang, while signaling the beginning of a new chapter in the 40 year history of this vehicle.

Design cues recall themes and details readily recognizable by aficionados, and have been carefully selected and refined to infuse the GT/R-CODE with the same sensation of raw excitement that made the original Mustang so exciting. From the Mustang GT Concept inspired restyling package and RK Sport custom hood, to the Glasurit 5 line by BASF Silver Pearl paint that covers its sensuous body, the GT/R-CODE is the next step in the never ending evolution of the Mustang.
For maximum performance, Kenne Bell has equipped the engine with massive 2.4 liter Blowzilla Twin Screw SuperCharger that pumps up the volume of the 4.6 liter V-8 to over the 500 pavement melting horsepower, while Magnaflow Performance engineered a free breathing X-Pipe equipped cat back dual exhaust system. The combination of BF Goodrich T/A KDW tires, Oasis Alloy Wheels, Hitchkis Performance Sport Bars and Eibach lowered springs provide the aggressive stance of the GT/R-CODE, while a Stainless Steel Brakes Force 10 brake package insures that the Mustang GT/R-CODE will stop as quickly as it accelerates.
Open the door and interior welcomes you home to a familiar, yet thoroughly modern environment. The artisans at Katzkin created a multi hued leather and suede interior that mirrors the theme of the exterior, a Hurst shifter provide lightning fast shifts for the 5 speed manual transmission and Cruiser Stainless Accessories custom door entry guards add just the right touch of detail.
Pose the Mustang GT/R-CODE side by side with its revered ancestor and you can easily see the resemblance. But while it pays tribute to the original Mustang, the GT/R-CODE is thoroughly modern. This is a new breed of performance car that addresses the passion of millionsof Mustang enthusiasts, while singing its siren song to a whole new generation.



Chrysler 300C
Dateline: January 7, 2005


Los Angeles, CA – The Chrysler 300C Hurst Edition was on display at the 2005 Los Angeles Automobile Show from January 7th thru 16th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Available for viewing throughout the entire duration of the show, the 300C Hurst Edition by Performance West Group was featured in the Chrysler Exhibit.
Working in conjunction with the DaimlerChrysler Corporation and the Hurst division of Mr. Gasket Company, Performance West Group is proud to introduce the Chrysler 300C Hurst Edition Concept. 

Based on the new 2005 Chrysler 300C, the Hurst Edition symbolizes not only the return of the HEMI engine in a Chrysler automobile, but marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the legendary letter series that spans 50 years. Like the original 1955 Chrysler C 300, the 300C Hurst Edition signals the dawn of a new era in muscular Chrysler high performance automobiles that rely on brains and brawn, matching agility with incredible power.
The 300C Hurst Edition features the latest in innovation and refinement. The engine that is the heart of the 300C has been equipped with a wide range of enhancements, including a Magnaflow Performance cat back dual exhaust that literally and figuratively pumps up the volume of the HEMI V-8. Balancing the power of the Chrysler 300C Hurst Edition are Stainless Steel Brakes Tri Power three piston billet calipers working in concert with large 13.5 inch drilled and slotted rotors, ensuring that it can stop as quickly as it accelerates. Complementing the brake upgrades are modular 22” Oasis Forged Wheels, Toyo Proxes S/T directional tires, lowered suspension by Eibach and stiffer anti sway bars by Hotchkis Performance. The result is a superbly balanced driving machine.
In a tribute to the 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst, the exterior is finished in House of Kolor White Pearl, accented with Hurst Gold Pearl. Open the door and the interior welcomes you to a familiar, yet thoroughly modern environment. The unmistakable Hurst Shifter that actuates the five speed transmission offers the opportunity to enjoy effortless driving or precise hands on gear changing, while a Katzkin hand crafted custom leather interior mirrors the theme established on the exterior, offering a sumptuous, refined environment that befits a vehicle of this caliber.
While it pays homage to the original C 300, the Chrysler 300C Hurst Edition is totally modern, and showcases the latest in automotive technology. The result is a genuine American big bore HEMI V-8 rear wheel drive automobile that will ignite the passion of millions of classic performance enthusiasts while singing its siren song to a new generation. The 300C Hurst Edition is more then a legend revisited; it marks the return of the authentic high performance Chrysler.



Dodge Dakota T/A


Phoenix, Arizona – The 2005 Dodge Dakota T/A debuted to the public at the 2004 Arizona International Automobile Show. On display from November 24th thru 28th at the Phoenix Civic Center, the Dodge Dakota T/A by Performance West Group was showcased in the Dodge Exhibit.
Inspired by the legendary 1970 Challenger T/A, the new Dakota T/A offers the performance and excitement of its classic counterpart in a thoroughly modern package. Glistening in House of Kolor Plum Crazy, one of the most unforgettable High Impact colors to ever grace a Dodge, and accented with a white T/A body side graphic, this is one vehicle that’s sure to get noticed…. A block away!

Enhancing the theme of the Dakota T/A is a Six Pak hood by RK Sport that’s as audacious as the original. And under the hood, the T/A packs the punch of nothing less than a big bore Dodge Magnum V-8, proof that it’s definitely no shrinking violet. With engine performance enhancements by Kenne Bell, complemented by the rumble of a free flowing Magnaflow cat back dual exhaust system, the Dakota T/A is one sport truck that commands respect, both on and off the track.
Up front, the chrome Dodge grille shell is accented with black anodized diamond wire mesh inserts and highlighted by classic Design Concepts vintage style hood pins and lanyards. A Gaylord’s Lid smoothes out the aero on the bed, and includes an integrated spoiler for enhanced downforce. The Dakota T/A features suspension mods by Advantage Performance for a “just right stance,” complemented by a set of Oasis multi piece Alloy Wheels, Toyo Proxes S/T tires and Stainless Steel Brakes disc brake enhancements.
Inside the Dakota T/A, a Mopar Monster tach is mounted on the dash, providing instant information on engine rpm, complemented by a shift lite that insures split second, lightning fast shifts. Adding support during full throttle passes is a Katzkin custom leather interior that echoes the theme of the original, matching style with comfort.
The original Challenger T/A had all the excitement of a championship TransAM car and has become a coveted collector vehicle. No watch out, ‘cause the 2005 Dodge Dakota T/A picks up where the original left off, while adding 21st century technology and sophistication.


Just a few of the events that Performance West Group Image Vehicles that are created exhibit at include: The North American International Automobile Show, the Daytona 500, Mopar Masters, the New Automobile Dealers Association Show (NADA), National Finals Rodeo, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Camp Jeep, the SEMA SHOW, Goodguy's Events and the SEMA International Auto Salon. For more on Performance West Group go to