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Barn Full of Cars

Larry Hofer found what we've all dreamed of finding... a Barn full of cars ! Check this out.....






My Great Find!!

I just took a look at all the cars Bob Lawford sent in of the junkyard in Maine.  It's just hard to believe that there are still some old yards like this one still around….. Not only that, but the hot rodders from that area haven't been working to save some of the cars, or at the least parts from them….. 

I thought I would send you a few pictures of what I ran up on in August of 2002.

First, here's my story…..  I had been looking for a '30-'31 Ford Coupe to build a street rod out of.  All I wanted was just a body, no fenders, frame, etc.  After searching for months here in Georgia all I found was rusted junk, or over priced bodies, and not many of them at that….. I was trying to talk to a man into selling me this body, but he wouldn't put a price on it, probably because I made the mistake of saying what I was going to do with it.

After talking with him one last time I came home and went on-line and found a new listing that said "For Sale 1 1932 Ford and 6-8 Model A Fords and parts."  So I jumped to the phone thinking, if I have to, I'll settle for a '32.  (That would be hard to live with wouldn't it.)  I made contact with the seller and found out that the cars were in Gainsville, Florida, about 3 1/2 hours from here.  The man was selling the cars for an elderly lady in a nursing home and wasn't sure of what was really there, going only on information received from another person.  I made the man promise to give me first chance on the '32 if I came down to look. 

After getting there I found out there was no '32 Ford to be had, but, there was the barn with 6-8 1930-31 Fords inside, and one '31 Coupe at a different location.  (Along side the '31 at the other location was a 1924 Model T Touring car (in as good of shape as the '31) that was also for sale.)  This is the only pictures I have of what was inside the barn.  On, I didn't have the money, but I was told later that everything in the barn went for $6,000.

These next two pictures were of the car I was going to buy.  That is, till I seen the '31 that was at a different location.

There were more cars and trucks, but no room to be able to take good pictures of them.  Also, there were boxes of Model A parts (and who knows what else) stacked everywhere, even up in the rafters.


     The next pictures are of the car I bought.


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