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Buick Nailhead Valve Covers From O’Brien Truckers

In 1954, Fenton offered these great valve covers for the “new” Buick V8’s. Now, after over 50 years, they’re back, as beautiful as ever, thanks to our good friends at O’Brien Truckers. The nailhead has become one of today’s hottest nostalgia engines, and this exact copy of the famous Fenton valve cover is identical to the original. These thick-wall castings come in the highly polished finish you see here exactly the way Fenton supplied them. They fit all Buick nailheads from 264 through 425 cubic inches. Fenton’s original 1954 press release on these valve covers assured us that they will “reduce engine noises and help dissipate engine heat faster, resulting in better engine temperature and smoother operation.” Now, who wouldn’t want their nailhead to run smoother?