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The Car Lock from McGard

What would you do if you woke up to an empty driveway or garage… if your investment, your pride & joy, your baby… had been STOLEN? Don’t sleep with one eye open! The Car Lock is the ultimate theft protection for the true car enthusiast. Hot rods, muscle cars, classics and exotic rides are extremely vulnerable to theft when left unattended. With the Car Lock you can drive that special car without worrying about where or how long you’ll park it. Take advantage of out of town car shows, weekend rallies, and short trips around town without fear of car theft. Stop worrying, the Car Lock will protect your vehicle while out on the streets or in your garage. The McGard Car Lock is the most advanced mechanical anti-theft deterrent available today. It is attractively designed, easy to use, lightweight, and easy to carry and stow. The simple 2-piece ratcheting design installs in seconds on virtually all wheels and tires. From trunk to wheel in 20 seconds. It’s that easy. How much is your ride worth to you? Check out McGard