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Cars of The Stars … and Films from Dick Dean


Though we love most  the "Customs"  Dick Dean has mastered over the years, helping us to relive our  yester-years…. we also admire the work Dick  has done  for the film industry and for many of the car enthusiasts in entertainment.   We want you to see some of those cars ~ the cars that  were as much the "star of the show" as some of the actors… and sometimes more !


Dick Knows Everybody..
Here He Is With Elvis! ??




All Four of These Pictures Are of Cars Done For Billy Gibson of ZZ Top





You'll Remember This One From "The Great Race"





This is The "Alligator Car" from Death Race 2000

"Fire Bug"







"The Flintstones" Movie Was  Quite A Job …..

If you visit "Vasquez Rocks Park" in California where the film was made, you can almost see the car and characters  
In addition to the vehicles ~ Dick even made some of the characters.




Power Rangers Car in Progress



Toys R Us Truck and Geoffrey




The Hard Rock
Café has Dicks
Cars Adorning The

Walls of Many of
Its Clubs.





Dragula is one of the most well-known movie cars Dick has worked on.


We're very proud to be able to bring so many of Dick Deans accomplishments into the publics eye in one publication. Dick has graciously sent us so much material that we have composed several articles for our site and we have several more in the making.  Keep checking back for more great works from this very talented man.  It's hard to comprehend how all of these projects came from the imagination and talent of one man in one lifetime.   

Thanks Dick !