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Clayton Machine Works Unveils New Concept in Valve Covers

Clayton Machine Works (CMW) has introduced their newest product; a set of innovative valve covers for small block Chevys. The polished aluminum valve covers offer fresh, high end style with a new, never-before seen functionality for the discerning owner. CMW wanted to incorporate entirely new ideas in both the looks and functions of the covers and did so by incorporating the PCV valve and breather into new design elements. Adding to the uniqueness are the removable styling elements, including center section, which can be painted, polished or plated in numerous combinations to the owner’s likes. CMW’s design goal from the start was to avoid the bulky, ‘stuck on’ appearance of conventional PCVs and breathers normally seen on engines that have to use either one or both. To achieve that, the PCV valve hides under a nearly flush-mounted elliptical design element. The breather is also incorporated into a similar design element. The polished aluminum valve covers includes the breather and PCV assemblies and will clear roller rockers. Versions for center-bolt SBC applications are also available.