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DARRYL STARBIRD – “The Bubbletop King” By Darryl Starbird and Brice Bledsoe

DARRYL STARBIRD – “The Bubbletop King” By Darryl Starbird and Brice Bledsoe
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From the Publisher

Darryl Starbird has designed and built over 100 unbelievable custom auto creations in his nearly half century career. His creations have appeared in 100’s of outo publications. Monogram Model Co. produced more than a dozen of his designs into 1/8 and 1/24 scale for the model car enthusiast. This multi talented man is also an entrepreneur; having produced 400 plus Rod and Custom car shows through out the country (including the Grand National Oakland Roadster Show). Many of these shows are in their 49th annual presentation. His latest endeavor is the National Road and Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum; displaying over 25 of his most famous auto creations, as well as other Hall of Fame members creations. The museum originated in 1955 and is considered, in the industry, as the “Hall of Fame”.

Review: By Richard “Too Low” Haas

This book grabbed me with both hands and made me read it twice….one time just looking at the hundreds of historic and mind-boggling photos that chronicle the SEVERAL HUNDRED cars that came out of the Whichita, Kansas STARBIRD CUSTOMS shop. Man, did this guy ever rest?!?! 

Then, I had to read it again, a little slower this time, and catch all the information that Darryl and Brice Bledsoe packed into this “Coffee Table” classic.

There was a time when I blamed Darryl Starbird and Ed Roth for bringing an end to the “Custom Car Era”…..them and their darned bubbletop cars! I mean, what does a bubbletop have to do with a chopped ‘Merc?

Heck, you usually couldn’t even tell what kind of car they started with, or even if they did start with a “production car”.

Then there came a time when I finally realized that, far from ending the custom car era, these guys were all that was keeping it alive……..I guess we had all seen enough Mercury’s and “shoebox” Fords.

If I had seen this book back then, even a dummy like me would have realized that part of what defines an artist, no matter what medium they work in, is the ability to take us along as they reach out, forcing us to stretch our imaginations, making us grow along with them or be left behind in “What Used To Be”.

If you have ever built a Monogram large scale “The Big T” or wondered if cars had to have a steering wheel or thought to yourself “What if…….” then you need this book. And if ethyl gasoline flows in your veins, you probably already have it.  

-Richard “Too Low” Haas

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Excerpts from book

“As I’ve gotten older and started a career on my own (associate editor for Super Chevy Magazine), I think back about where my grandfather has come from. How he risked it all, lost it all, and bounced back only to build everything bigger and better. I looked at how no matter what was going on he always managed to stay one step ahead, regardless if people accepted it or not. I use his experiences and examples to keep myself constantly motivated and moving forward, thinking of new ideas, and never forgetting you can’t wim’em all. Through all of it if there’s one thing I ‘ve learned growing up with grandpa, it is the fact things are never going to be ordinary when you mix him into the equation. Yet what might not be ordinary to most people is completely normal to me.” -Dakota Wentz, Grandson of Darryl Starbird and Associate Editor of Super Chevy Magazine

This book is a collaborative effort involving the family of Darryl Starbird and is rich with information and the history of “The Bubbletop King”

This book can be purchased online at  Pick one up today!!