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Downs Industries' latest body style the 33-34 Ford 5 Window

33-34 Ford 5 Window

I would like to introduce the latest body style to the Downs Industries line up. This is our new 33-34 Ford 5 Window Coupe, chopped three inches. There is also a slight lay back to the “A” pillar and a slant forward in the rear of the roof. We took a 1/2 inch pie cut from the side profile of the roof, and softened up the radius of the rear quarter window openings. For $7,950.00 the body comes standard with power windows installed w/ gray tint glass, power door openers installed along with Downs hidden hinges and bear claw latches. Like every other Downs body we install and overkill the 1 inch steel tubular structure and oak throughout. The body comes standard with smooth dash installed, garnish moldings, windshield and back glass. Upgrades include chrome outside locking door handles installed, stock hinges installed, and power trunk installed.