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Fenton™ Flathead Headers From Speedway Motors

Fenton™ Flathead Headers From Speedway Motors: Get maximum performance for your Flathead Ford V8 from two of the most experienced names in street rodding – Speedway Motors and Fenton™. These Fenton™ Flathead Headers from Speedway Motors will deliver improved power and a classic sound to almost any Flathead, whether it’s completely stock or totally tricked out. Speedway has taken the classic Fenton™ cast iron header design and made it even better using all-new tooling, modern casting processes and high-nickel-content iron. The result is cleaner castings and better-fitting headers that provide much improved flow. In dyno testing, Speedway found original Fenton headers to be terribly restrictive; this all-new design eliminates congestion problems and delivers far better flow, which translates into more horsepower. Speedway’s Fenton™ Flathead Header sets include flanges and will fit most 1937-53 Ford and Mercury cars with stock steering boxes.  These Fenton™ Flathead Headers are just the latest in an ever-expanding line of Flathead parts and street rod products available from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®, where we’ve made rodding safe, fun and affordable since 1952. Call today toll free at 1-800-979-0122 or visit us online at