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Floatless fuel sender from Classic Instruments

Classic Instruments is excited to announce the floatless fuel sender!!! Most aftermarket fuel senders use a rotating float arm and resistance cards to measure the amount of fuel in a tank which can lead to erratic pointer movements. This Floatless Fuel Sender utilizes an internal pressure transducer to measure the amount of fuel in a tank. The concept behind this sender is hydraulics and pressure. The part of the sender that sticks into the fuel is a hollow tube that fills up to the level of fuel in the tank. The change in pressure at the pressure transducer is directly related to the level of fuel in the tank. As the fuel level increases, so does the pressure at the transducer. As the fuel level decreases, the pressure at the transducer also decreases. This revolutionary design comes with many benefits! The all plastic design eliminates any possibility of corrosion due to alcohol! The tubular design acts as a dampener to prevent the gauge pointer from moving due to fuel slosh. The floatless fuel sender has no side to side motion, which means it has no moving parts to wear out. It is top mounted and utilizes the aftermarket standard SAE 5 hole mounting flange and comes complete with neoprene gasket and mounting hardware. This sender is available in three different ohm ranges, 0-90, 240-33 and 10-180 and is compatible with gasoline, diesel, oils, and many other fluids. Each unit is designed for tanks 6-48 inches in depth and can easily be easily trimmed to fit individual fuel tanks exactly! For more information, contact the Classic Instruments Sales team today at 800-575-0461.