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FOUND!! - STOLEN - '66 Vette & '69 Camaro July 27, 2010

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FOUND 1966 Vette and 1969 Camaro
July 27, 2010
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Thank You… Thank You… Thank You.  On Saturday August 7th both the 1966 Corvette Convertible and 1969 Camaro were recovered in two different locations in Northwest Arkansas.

Ken and Erik would like to extend a special thanks to Detective Mike Kugler and Detective Ed Williams and the entire Bella Vista police department for their successful investigation and recovery success...and the unrecognized good work they do in the silence of their offices and in the field.
While we don’t have many details at this time, the Corvette was located at a remote location in the woods with the only access through a farm gate and through a hay field.  To see photos of the corvette being pulled from the woods and the recovery, go to and search for “simple pleasures event center”  - Click on Photos.
Ken has not been able to inspect the corvette in detail, as the police have not processed the car.  On first impression there appears to be limited damage. The Camaro is another story….. 
The Camaro was recovered at a residence in Northwest Arkansas, not far from Simple Pleasures.  A man thought to be about 18-22 years old was taken into custody.  Police are investigating to determine if there were accomplices.
The thief(s) tried to disguise the car by doing their own “paint.”  They took off most of the trim, removed the trunk and tried to removed the dash. There is other body damage as well.  Once the police process the crime scene we can check for other damage.  To see photos of the camaro damage and arriving home, go to and search for “simple pleasures event center”  - Click on Photos.
Ken and Erik Miner would like to thank everyone who help spread the word of the stolen cars, including Northwest Arkansas TV stations KFSM and KNWA.
Since many people have posted information about the theft on forums and discussion boards, Erik and Ken would like to encourage folks to post the news that the cars have been recovered.
Best Regards,

My family had two classic cars stolen in the last 24 hours.  Would you please keep a look out for these cars and pass along the information to car clubs and car enthusiasts in your area?

1966 Corvette Convertible

Stolen from Northwest Arkansas on July 27th or July 28th.  Sunfire Yellow, with black top.  4 speed, front disc brakes. Car is is very good condition  Same owner since 1974. Car is number matching.

1969 Camaro SS Clone

Also stolen from Northwest Arkansas on July 27th or July 28th. Cortez silver with black stripe. (no other SS features) SS emblems have chipped white paint.  Automatic with shift kit. Car is idles rough when in gear, just after startup...  Idles fine in gear.