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FOUND!! - STOLEN - Black Trailer with Classic Pickup

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Black Trailer in Billings, Montana with a classic pickup inside
* * * FOUND * * *

To whom it may concern—Billings Montana and other areas

FYI-------- Sometime-- between, say 11:30 P.M. and daylight,  6-7:00 this morning, somebody pulled into a friends place on 64th street and hooked up to his 18’ black Pace-American van trailer and left out headed north on 64th street.
He is not concerned to much about the trailer but he would very much like to have what was in it. The 1930 Black Model A Ford Pickup and the parts for a couple of Firebirds that he was working on, that were in it, returned.
The Ford was completely restored and trimmed in a green apple paint striping and on the wheels.
The trailer has a diamond plate aluminum front end and a drop gate for the back access door.
License on the Truck is a Pioneer and the number is 2596. He has ID numbers for both units!!!!!
According to sources, there has been a bunch of these vans stolen from construction sites and they are stripped of their tools and left alongside the roads around the area.
one did not have tools- It had a lot of hard work in it.
Please keep your eyes peeled for something like that when you are driving around!!!
My friend wants his Truck and Parts back!!!! Please call the Sherriff’s department if you see something like it around.