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Just like the Chevy Camaro is the iconic car for the muscle car era, Hedman Hedders is the iconic header brand for them. Hedman Hedders, in Whittier, California, manufactures quality headers for just about any Camaro ever made, and the engineers in the Hedman R & D Department were not about to skip one of the most anticipated generations to hit the street.
Hedman Hedders manufactures 
ALL 304 stainless steel shorty headers for the new 2010 Camaro SS 6.2L. Hedman's 2010 Camaro headers are manufactured in the USA using smooth, mandrel bent, 1-3/4" diameter, 304 stainless primary tubes, and they bolt-on using thick 3/8" 304 stainless flanges. They easily hook-up to your factory catalytic converter flanges with minimal removal of surrounding components. And, since the converters are retained, these headers will be street legal. Hedman’s Camaro headers meet, then exceed the high expectations of even the most hardened muscle car enthusiast. "I immediately noticed an increase and broadening of the engine's torque curve after the hedders were installed," comments, Mike Spagnola, owner of the WD-40 2010 Camaro SS used to prototype the headers. He added, "The new pipes gave the Camaro's exhaust an awesome rumble sound. Nothing overpowering though. I can't wait for the next dyno day to see how much power was picked up." 
Most stainless exhaust products are manufactured using less durable 409 stainless because it is cheaper. Despite its higher cost, Hedman has chosen to use 100% 304 stainless steel for all of its stainless headers. “The 304 material has superior durability, and provides better heat and corrosion resistance”, explains Hedman’s VP of Manufacturing Kevin Vandergriff. Hedman’s 2010 Shorty Camaro Headers are available in either raw stainless steel 
(#62560), or with Hedman’s HTC Ceramic-Metallic coating (#62566). Either way, the headers come with a factory backed lifetime warranty (coatings are covered for 5 full years).
Hedman's 2010 Camaro headers weren't designed with performance improvement as the only goal. These headers were also thoughtfully designed for an easy install. In an era when you need to practically tea­r the entire engine compartment apart to install a set of headers, Hedman's design slips in with minimal part removal and no messing with motor mounts. For design and installation photos for Hedman's 2010 Camaro headers, as well as full 
installation and product details, visit, or contact the Hedman tech department at (562) 921-0404.