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Hedman Hedders announces the introduction of performance hedders

After more than 50 years of manufacturing hedders using mild steel materials, Hedman Hedders, located in Whittier, California, announces the introduction of performance hedders manufactured using Type 304 stainless steel flanges and primary tubes. Only a handful of manufacturers build their hedders in stainless. In most cases, these manufacturers use Type 409 stainless steel. Type 409 stainless is used in the production of automotive exhaust products for it's substantial heat and corrosion resistance at an affordable price.Hedman Hedders has taken hedder manufacturing to the next level by electing to use Type 304 stainless steel in the production of it's stainless line of hedders, instead of less expensive 409. "Although more expensive than 409 stainless, we [Hedman Hedders] have chosen to use 304 stainless because the higher Chromium and Nickel content of this alloy provides superior heat and corrosion resistance than 409 stainless. Also, the 304 material will not rust or flake like 409 stainless steel. This means Hedman's Stainless Hedders will retain a cleaner look, and hold up to extreme temperatures better than 409 stainless Hedders", claims Kevin Vandergriff, VP/Director of Operations at Hedman Manufacturing. Hedman's Stainless hedders use sturdy 3/8" thick, laser cut flanges and as with any Hedman Hedder, all primary tubes have smooth flowing mandrel bends. The hedder shown here is an uncoated stainless steel, long tube (1-3/4" diameter) hedder for the 2005-07 Dodge Charger 6.1L SRT8 (Hedder #72610 or 72616 with HTC Coating). Short tube, street legal hedders for this same vehicle are also available with or without Hedman's HTC Ceramic-metallic coating. Other stainless steel car and truck hedders are also available. Founded in 1954, Hedman Hedders is the world's original hedder manufacturer. Hedman has the broadest collection of street Hedder applications for both passenger cars and trucks, each built in their 100,000 square foot facility in Whittier, California, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the factory.