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Horizontal And Vertical Stainless Steel Tube Grilles from Butch's Cool Stuff

Butch’s Cool Stuff introduces a new line of Stainless Tube Grilles! These show quality grilles are available in three styles; the Vertical Tube Grille made with 1” dia stainless tubing, the updated Horizontal Tube Grille made with 5/8” tubing that is placed closer together than the 50’s style and don’t worry, you can still get your 50’s Style Tube Grille here at Butch’s Cool Stuff too! All of our grille’s, both vertical and horizontal are “floating grilles” made with .065 thick Highly Polished Stainless Steel tubing!!! From Old Skool Kool To Today’s Custom Cool, Butch’s Tube Grille’s Are Timeless! Where’s Your Cool?

Butchs Cool Stuff has always specialized in 30s, 40s & 50s cars and now were expanding into the 60s & 70s . Were known for our parts & kits for Plymouth and Dodge cars & trucks as well as most everything for 1949 thru 1959 Ford & Mercs and lots of Chevy stuff too.

Check out our website for Custom Lowering Kits, Ford, Chevy & Chrysler Engine & Transmission Mounting Conversion Kits, Tube Grilles, Rear Axle Mount Kits, Steering Kits, Brake Pedal Kits, Custom Frenching Ring, plus many other Hot Rod & Custom Car Parts & Accessories.


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