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Installation of Retro Arm Rest/Door Handle Product: Aticle from J&B Microfinish

1.)   Placement is a key factor for installing this product. Please follow along while Dave Bennett of Bennett’s Upholstery of LaMoille, IL installs our product.  Dave was also responsible for the fine upholstery work.

 The first step to take is to place the arm rest on the door card while sitting in the car.  Move it around until you get a position where it feels most comfortable to your elbow, arm and shoulder.  Next, look to see how easy it is to grab the handle, and if there is any interference between the handle and the sides of the seat.  The handle has been designed with a contour primarily for this reason.  After these steps have been checked and everything looks good then it is time to mount the Retro Arm/Rest Door Handle.  Make sure at this point that there is steel structure behind the door card where the two mounting holes will be drilled.
2.)     Using the oval backing plate as a guide, and after removing the wood block  mark through the mounting holes with a sharpie to the door card.
3.)     With these circular marks as a guide, drill through the door card and steel structure of the door with the proper size drill bit to accommodate the #8 flat head stainless steel sheet metal screws provided with this product.  It may be beneficial to have the side glass rolled all the way up to prevent the drill bit from contacting the glass while drilling through.
4.)     With the arm rest wood block removed, it’s time to mount the backing plate to the door with the screws provided.  After the screws have been torqued down, operate the windows up and down to check for any interference.  If there is any interference at this point, it will be necessary to use shorter screws.
5.)     Open and close the door while sitting inside the car.  If everything feels good, now it’s time to install the upholstered wood block furnished with the product.  Four stainless steel #8 pan head screws have been provided with this product for this assembly.

Installing this product in this fashion eliminates complete removal of the door card, door handles, window handles or disconnecting power window switches and related trim. 

Another benefit of our one-off services is the backing plates can be custom one-off ordered to your own personal liking.  If the oval shape isn’t your first choice you can order them with a shape that will fit the décor of your present day interior.  The length and width of the Retro Arm Rest/Door Handle product measures 12” long and 4 1/8” wide at the longest and widest points.  The measurements can also be custom altered to your own personal needs.

This article provided by  J & B Microfinish,  you can find this Retro Arm Rest and many other fine J & B Microfinish products by visiting their website.


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