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Juliano's '40 Ford 3 Point Seat Belt "How-to": By Jeff: Photos by Ed Kania

The more we learn about cars and safety, the more we realize the importance of a three point shoulder harness seat belts. If you travel with family members or other loved ones, it is a real good idea to make sure everyone is strapped in. This article shows exactly how you would go about installing Julianos shoulder harness seat belts in a 35-40 Ford.
It is best to install our shoulder harness belts before the car has an interior and paint, but is not necessary.
how_23point40ford28   how_23point40ford1
After removing some interior pieces we are ready to install the shoulder bracket. Holding it up you can see what has to be trimmed off. Once you decide what has to be trimmed, mark it and cut it.   The next step is to weld the shoulder bracket in. We used a fire proof blanket to protect the paint and the rest of the interior that we left in. If your car is already painted, don't put too much heat to it at once. Just weld a little at a time and let it cool in between. If you don't have any paint yet, don't worry about it.
Now we have to find where we are going to mount the retractor. Normally we would just drill a hole in the floor and bolt the retractor down with a anchor plate behind it. But in this case we found a preexisting hole for the body mount. Since it is in a very good location we decided to use it instead of drilling our own. All we are going to do is remove the bolt and use that to mount the L bracket.
With the L bracket bolted in we install the actual seat belt. We bolt the seat belt to the brackets that we just installed.
how_23point40ford13   how_23point40ford22
All we have to do is install the fixed portion of the shoulder harness belts and they will be completely installed. Move the seat all the way forward when installing. Place the belt so the buckle is about 2 inches out of the cushion.   When the seat is all the way forward, your belts should look like this.
how_23point40ford16   how_23point40ford18
After you drill the holed all you have to do is bolt the fixed ends in and the front belts are all done.   Shown here is both belts bolted to the floor. Now that this end of the belts is all bolted in your ready to start on the back seat.
how_23point40ford2   how_23point40ford12
Now for the back seats. For this you do the same thing as the front seats. Find a good location for your anchor plates. Make sure it doesn't interfere with anything under the car. Also make sure that the mounting point is behind the seat cushion. You don't want it to interfere with the belt.   Once you find a good spot for the belts to be mounted to mark and drill.
how_23point40ford11   how_23point40ford9
Once the holes are drilled bolt the belts in. It is a good idea to have a friend hold the anchor plate in place when you bolt it in.
how_23point40ford8   how_23point40ford5
Now your rear seat lap belts are installed too. Your seat belt installation is complete.
how_23point40ford23   You have successfully installed seat belts in your car! Now you can take the whole family out and feel safe about it.

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