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Juliano's All New Pro-Clamp

Juliano’s innovates some great products, but their new Pro Clamp has to be one of their slickest ever. When was the last time you saw a completely new muffler clamp, especially anything this clean? No doubt, this new direction in exhaust technology and will become a standard piece we’ll see on top-tier cars.  There is no need to weld everything into one permanent assembly to make it look nice. The sleeve nut sucks everything together tightly for a safe connection without any type of gasket, and best of all, you can dismantle it if you need to—without cutting it apart. The Pro Clamp is made from 304 stainless, and is available for 2” through 2 ½” exhaust systems. Larger versions are in the works and may even be available by the time you read this. Each clamp is $99.99 each in satin, or $114.99 polished. Juliano’s has all the pieces to build the entire exhaust system, including the stainless mufflers, so you can have them price out a whole package for you. Typical of all Juliano’s products, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. For more information, call Juliano’s toll free at (800) 300-1932 or visit them on the web