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Keeping The Warm Air Inside Your Car



Here’s a little technique that the folks at Welder Series have found to be useful to keep that cold air inside your rod.

If your car is as drafty as a wiffle ball, you can blow as much hot air into it as you want, but it will always feel cold. The same goes for your A/C system. Rick Love (of Vintage Air) will be the first to tell you how important it is to properly seal and insulate your car for the system to work properly. An easy and inexpensive solution is proper, 21st century weatherstripping. Here's a very simple way to measure the gap in your doors and trunk to make sure you're getting a proper seal.



If you have young children in the house, you may need to confiscate
some sticky tack - the stuff used to hang posters on the wall.   Otherwise,
play dough works great. You don't need to get fancy and use the
scented or sparkle variety either.




Roll up a ball and stick it to the body at the location you want to measure the gap.



Gently close the door.  When you open the door, carefully peel
the sticky tack off... you're left with a perfect profile of your gap!


You can now use a sample pack of weatherstripping to see what profile will seal best.




This is just one of the great tips we’ve heard from the folks at Welder Series... We always enjoy it when we meet up with the Hortons ... and of course, D.W. ... they’re great people with a wonderful sense of humor and a fantastic line of products...
Take a look at the Welder Series products and don’t forget to watch the awesome videos on their site.

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