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Krist Kustoms - Mobile Kustom Interior Services

Krist Kustoms has the perfect solution for you, they bring their shop to you! That's right, they decided to put the show on the road, and will come to your doorstep and upholster your car on location. The Krist Kustoms team will travel anywhere in the USA or Canada, they just need a fairly small space to set up their mobile shop, and the custom interior magic will unfold in front of your eyes! Krist Kustoms is willing to perform their work on location at rod shops also! After being in business for over 12 years, their custom interiors have won numerous awards, and their work has been featured in a multitude of magazines. Check out their extensive portfolio of custom interiors at, and give them a call at 260-490-8888 if you want them to bring the Krist Kustoms magic mobile interior shop to you!

We will be in the Texas area March/April/May. If you are looking for an award winning custom Interior for your car, give us a call!



Krist Kustoms has been in the hot rod interior business for over 12 years. Krist Kustoms started as a custom hot rod upholstery shop in 1998, and has been growing ever since. While they still specialize in custom hot rod interiors, they now have their own line of hot rod seating and interior parts and accessories. With all of their products geared towards the hot rod enthusiast that demands products with good looks and functionality, Krist Kustoms has become a trend-setter in the hot rod interior market. Being designed by upholsterers, their products are easy to install and are upholsterer friendly. Visit or call (260) 490-8888.

Krist Kustoms, LLC
1901 Production Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46808


[email protected]