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Land Speed Record Holder Harold Johansen Jr Still Active in his 80’s!

Land Speed Record Holder Harold Johansen Jr Still Active in his 80’s!

One of the real treats at SEMA this year, was the chance to meet and talk with Harold Johansen and see his new car which was unveiled at SEMA. Harold is a legend in Landspeed Racing, being one of the longest continuing racers in landspeed history. Harold ran his first race in 1950 and raced as recently as 2008. It was great talking with Harold and car builder Adolph Kruger.... they plan to run this new car at El Mirage at the end of November.... we’ll be looking to see if they make their 200 mph ! We’re betting they will !

The El Mirage Time Trials for Nov. 2010 were rained out, but we know that they will make it at the next opportunity. After all, Harold Johansen is the Record Holder King! 83 and still going strong....

Harold Johansen Jr began racing on the dry lakes of Southern California in 1946 and at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1950 (one year after its inception). Considered to have the longest-running career as a vintage land speed driver, he raced through 2008 and into his early 80’s. Harold is still active in the sport today as a car owner and builder and holds eight world records as well as 60 other records. He was inducted in the “El Mirage Hall of Fame” for his dry lake racing achievements and dedication to designing, building, and racing vintage cars. He entered the “Bonneville 200 MPH Club” in 1974 in a C/Gas Roadster. He later set records in gas and fuel modified roadsters in both C, D and Lakester classes.