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LS 3 6.2L Carbureted Chevy Engine from the Engine Factory

LS 3 6.2L Carbureted Chevy Engine. No Computer Necessary. 500, 550, 610 Horsepower Available. Our Hi-Tech carbureted LS Engine is quickly becoming the engine of choice for hot rods, vintage cars, trucks, and race cars. Easy installations! Runs right out of the box guaranteed!!! MSD coil to plug ignition system. March Style Track System * March Pro Track System * Engines shown with optional March serpentine belt systems with alternator, PS Pump, and AC Compressor 
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 New school technology. Easy installation and maintenance with our all new Hi-revving 6-bolt main aluminum engine block. The engine shown is supplied with a 770 Holley carburetor
500 Horsepower $8,700 - 550 Horsepower $9,300 - 610 Horsepower $9,950
Complete kits available including motor mounts and exhaust headers. * Optional March Pro track serpentine system with alt., p/s, a/c $2,450 * Optional March Style track serpentine system with alt., p/s, a/c $2,700 * Optional High-Torque Starter installed and aligned to flywheel $250
Ready To Run Right Out Of The Box Guaranteed!!!

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For more information contact Matt 1-800-326-6554 or 1-561-743-1879