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Mini Engine Demos

Videos and photos of fully functioning mini engines
Watch them start-up and run right on your computer screen.
By Jim Clark ( Hot Rod MD)

Jim Clark


Many of us have built engines for our hot rod projects, but the actual description should be “assembled an engine” because we are starting with an existing engine. Longtime Southern California hot rod enthusiast Roger Butzen has taken this process one step backwards though; building the engine from scratch. He machines them from raw metal; albeit in a desktop size.

These miniature recreations of a blown Cadillac / Chevy hybrid, Chrysler Hemi, 4-cylinder Offy, Harley big-twin and current project a Ford Flathead V8 are fully-functional running versions of their full-size counterparts. Roger created them from raw metal scaling them down from full-size components and available technical data.

Countless hours have been spent on each one of these recreations and the accompanying photos show what the finished engines look like. But they are not just display pieces; you can watch them start up and run by playing the attached QuickTime MPEG videos of the blown Cadillac / Chevy hybrid, Hemi, Offy and Harley. Video of the Flathead in operation will be added to this article when it is available

Click on picture to watch it run


Cad_Chevy   Flathead 3 08a1

Blown Cadillac / Chevy hybrid V8


Ford Flathead V8 and head detail of in-progress engine project (Video of the Flathead in operation will be added to this article when it is available)

Harley   Hemi

Scaled-down Harley-Davidson V-twin in a frame segment


Early Chrysler Hemi


4-cylinder dual-overhead cam 270 Offenhauser Indy-type engine



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