Mooneyes X-mas show and Drags Dec. 10, 2011

Mooneyes X-mas show and Drags Dec. 10, 2011

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Toyota Speedway
Irwindale, CA.
Story & Photos by: Roger Rohrdanz


Roger Rohrdanza

Roger Rohrdanz

Mooneyes has out-done themselves.  Their X-mas Party opened with a full eclipse of the Moon!  As hundreds of participants waited for the gates to open, they were treated to the astronomical event.  I had no idea Mooneyes had that kind of influence!  This year the weather was perfect, mid-70’s, sunny, with blue skies.  That’s why we live here!

What a show!!  4 live bands preformed all day, great drag racing including a cacklefest, an art auction, pin up contest, over 100 vendors, and over 1400 cars to check out!!  A total of over 7,000 cars filled the Speedway at Irwindale, they even filled the oval track.  Shige Suganuma and Chico of Mooneyes did a great job organizing this event.

Imagination, creativity, ingenuity, attitude, and style were all there for your enjoyment.  Cool choppers, crazy hair, pin up girls, great entertainment, and lots of Ink. The “Pin Up Girl” contest was great, it gave the show an extra boost of eye candy parading everywhere.  Drag racing helped make the show feel nostalgic with rods and customs lining up together, ready to run.  As usual, this was an amazing event.


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