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Mopar Dropped Spindles With Wilwood Brakes

Fatman and Wilwood have worked together to bring MOPAR fans their 2" dropped spindle and superior brake systems. This combination combines stance and style, with braking on a par with the improved performance you put under the hood. Wilwood's 11" or 13" rotor kits will fit, with the photo showing the ultimate power 6 piston 13" kit. Fatman's spindle is modeled after the Cordoba/Volare factory parts, and will fit all the cars using this popular swap. The caliper bracket is slightly different than the one for the OEM spindle, so contact Fatman for the complete package. Fatman Fabrications Inc, 8621-C Fairview Rd, Hwy 218, Charlotte, NC 28227-7619 (704) 545-0369